Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking for food defence survey participants

Dear Colleagues with Expertise in Food Defense and Protection:

Researchers from Purdue University, Kansas State University (KSU), and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis are collaborating on a grant that focuses on studying how to effectively educate professionals in the area of food defense and protection. More specifically, we are trying to identify knowledge and skills that are needed by a food defense professional, and core competencies that would be required to create a model food defense curriculum. Through this letter, we are asking for your help and expert opinion as we develop this curriculum.

We invite you to participate in an educational survey that will help us better identify specific knowledge areas and skills needed by a food defense professional. Your responses to the questions in the survey will assist us in the development of the curriculum for graduate students, as well as help us create an educational outreach program for working professionals. We are seeking your input via an electronic survey, accessible at the following link.

Survey Code: FOOD

We recognize that your time is limited and valuable; as a token of our appreciation for your assistance, all participants will have the opportunity to enter a random drawing to win one of three $75 gift certificates.

Be assured that all responses to this survey will remain confidential; participant names or identifying information will not be used in any reports developed from this data. Participation in this survey is strictly voluntary, you need not answer every question, and you may withdraw at any time. The survey instrument and data analysis are being led by researchers at KSU; this survey protocol has been reviewed and approved by the KSU Institutional Review Board (KSU IRB #4770; questions regarding IRB review can be directed to the KSU Associate Vice Provost for Research Compliance, 785-532-3224). For additional information about the overall aspects of the project, contact Dr. Richard Linton, PI, at Purdue University (

We appreciate your time and help with this important project!

Dr. Richard Linton Dr. David McSwane Dr. Kelly Getty

Purdue University Indiana University Kansas State University

(For questions regarding this message or the survey link, please contact Dr. Abbey Nutsch, Kansas State University)

forwarded by:
Jennifer Pierquet, MPH
Food Protection Educational Coordinator
University of Minnesota
Environmental Health Science

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